HOME PRODUCTS email FAQ A Hallmark Of Reliability For Customers Worldwide HOME          PRODUCTS          FAQ          CONTACT US FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: 1)Why the scales cannot be turned on?       a)Please check the power point and ensure that there is a power supply    b)Check if the cable is properly inserted to the scales    c)Check if the adaptor is working    d)Call the local distributor 2)Why the scales show 88888888?     a)Please remove unwanted items placed on the weighing pan or platform     b)Turn off the scales and turn it back on     c)Call the local distributor 3)Why is there a dark patches on the display?     a)The LCD is cracked or the LCD is faulty     b)Call the local distributor 4)Why is there a digit missing or only show half segment?    a)The LCD is faulty    b)Call the local distributor 5)Why is there no data communication between the scales and the PC?     a)Check the RS232 cable. Ensure that it is not bent     b)Check if the cabel is fully connected to the scales For repair, technical support, calibartion, spare parts replacement, call the local distributor. In Singapore, the distributor is:                    Annex Microsystems                                                                   10 Ubi Crescent #06-33                                                                           Ubi Tech Park       Singapore 408564                        Tel: 67444866, Fax: 67452055                                www.scales.com.sg              Operating Hours: 8:30am - 5:30pm, Mon - Fri                          sales@digi.com.sg