HOME PRODUCTS email FAQ A Hallmark Of Reliability For Customers Worldwide HOME          PRODUCTS          FAQ          CONTACT US COUNTING SCALES for Parts Counting, Coin Counting, Inventory Checking Model: DC782 *High internal resolution of 1/1,000,000 *High contrast LCD with backlight *25 item code memory and 10 preset keys *Data output via RS232 I/F *Capacity: 500g ~ 25kg   Model: DC788 Model: DC252 *High Internal resolution of 1/1,000,000 *Bright Red LED *99 item memory *Option Data output via RS232 to external label printer or PC *Option to link to second scales *Capacity: 500g ~ 15kg NEXT digi dc25 Built-in Label Printer digi dc788 digi dc788 External Label Printer digi dc782 *High Internal resolution of 1/500,000 *Touch screen panel and manual keyboard *9,000 item memory *Built-in label printer *Abel to print Part Name,Part Code, Lot No. Weight, Quantity,  Date and Time *Capacity: 500g ~ 50kg sales@digi.com.sg